Level 1 Floor Videos

Level 1 Floor Routine Overview

Level 1 Floor Routine Set Up

Level 1 Floor Routine Slow Motion Explanation

1st 8-Count Level 1 Floor Demonstration 

The Judge is going to look for 4 things when judging the 3/4 Handstand in the first 8-Count:

1. Can They Do The Handstand

2. Body Line

3. Correct Chin Placement

4. Levering Action

For more explanations, see the support videos below: 

Body Line:

Flat Chin:

Levering Action:

2nd 8-Count Slow Motion Explanation

2nd 8-Count Demonstration

Key Points To The Backward Roll Showcased in the 3rd 8-Count

3rd 8-count Backward Roll - Candlestick

4th 8-count Candlestick - Forward Roll

5th 8-count Walking Steps - Releve

6th 8-count Forward Chasse to Leg Swing