Recreational Program

Elite Pyramid


Kids move up at their own pace. Our kids are always successful!

Our recreational program is high energy, exciting and designed for students to perform skills in all four women’s events and all six men’s events. 

Students who have no experience at all can walk in and feel confident and from the beginning be successful and happy! We start out on the pink sheet, beginner, and work our way all the way up to competition status! Students move up at their own pace so they never feel rushed or out of their league. They are ALWAYS in the right place! 

The most unique aspect of the Elite Gymnastics curriculum is that we are able to track a student’s progress individually. Our coaches pay special attention to each child's progress. Their accomplishments are carefully logged in as they improve. As the students learn new skills and move up the different levels, the kids get to move their name up on the Elite Gymnastics Pyramid out in the gym!

Once a girl has acheived specific skills in the level IV curriculum, her coach brings her to the attention of our head coach, Dr. Stacey Rudd. Coach Stacey reviews all of her accomplishments and a special invitation is extended to the girl and her family to join Team Elite and compete. She can either choose to stay with her friends on her recreational team, or move up and become part of Team Elite! 

Our recreational program is for girls and boys ages 5 and up. So, come on in, take a tour, talk to the coaches! We are a family business and Coach Stacey has been involved in gymnastics for 40 years! He started as a kid too, so he knows how much fun gymnastics can be for a kid and how important it is to build a foundation of friends who work hard, learn to be successful and can have fun all at the same time! It's a family event! Kids can hang out in class, during parents night out, sleep-overs at the gym, birthday parties at the gym. . . Parents get to know each other in the observation rooms, make new friends, drop the kids off for parents night out and go to dinner together. . . 

We're here - come on in. We can't wait to meet you!